Monday, December 20, 2010

Images of Babe-E

First Look

I'm ready for my close-up.

Don't bug me.  I'm sleeping.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Origins of Kyd-Wan

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.....okay, about a year ago, right here in San Diego, I jokingly told Kelly that we would name our children Kid One and Kid Two.  As Seussian as that may sound, I couldn't stop there.  And when hanging out with my in-laws (Hi, Auntie Erin and Uncle Omar), they laughed and suggested alternate spellings.  As some of you may know, I kind of like Star Wars.  So, in an effort to fulfill my promise of numerical children, I've opted for Star Wars spellings for said child and child to be.  Kyd-Wan and Kiddttuu.  Although I believe Kelly may use her veto powers on this one, I am here to plea my case.

First of all, both names are non-gender specific.  They could be used for either sex to be teased and harassed endlessly.

Secondly, they could fulfill their father's desire to rule the galaxy.

Thirdly, I think I've just been vetoed.

Oh well, they'll still be great nicknames.  And I can shelter my children from Episodes I-III.  That way they'll still think their nicknames are cool.

More soon.

Todd (Kelly would have sent her love too, but she wants no part of this post)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Big Anouncement

Hello, friends and family. As many of you can well imagine, it has been a hectic few weeks for us here in San Diego. However, Kelly and I are pleased to announce that we are going to have a baby. We're setting this up so that we can put news on here about the progression from zygote to embryo to fetus to finished product. As we slowly learn the ins and outs of blogging, we will add more and more stuff. Thank you for checking in on us. And now, without further ado, our video.....Kyd-Wan.

Love, Kelly & Todd